The AVOFRIENDS were inspired by the vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables in nature. 

 It creates the positive and healthy vibes that they reflect.

The Creation of AVOFRIENDS

At first, Avo was originally designed by Creator, Hyo as a personal art project in 2015. Following the creation of Avo, Hyo initiated figurines and emoticon pieces to conceptualize the character. Between the creation and launch of her brand, Hyo also designed 3 additional characters alongside Avo. In 2018, Hyo was given the opportunity to participate in the Art Toy Culture (ATC) event and at this event, she was able to launch her designs as a collection called Avofriends. Each of these figurines were successfully sold via pre-sale reservations at the event.

Character Introduction


Avocado from California

Avo is an avocado from California ,United states. Curious Avo goes crazy especially when he sees sweet and yummy desserts.Then one day, Avo became curious about his secret sticker and goes on an adventure with his friends to dig up the secret. 

 아보는 미국 캘리포니아에서 온 아보카도에요. 호기 심 많은 아보는 특히 달달하고 맛있는 디저트를 보면 참지 못해요. 어느 날, 아보는 자신의 비밀 스티커에 호기심을 가지게 되었고 친구들과 함께 그 비밀을 파 헤치러 모험을 떠나요.


Banana from Phillipines

Banami is the fastest and the most active member of Avo friends. But once he gets angry, his head turns into black and becomes stronger so he protects his friends. 

바나는 필리핀에서 온 바나나에요. 바나는 친구들 중 가장 빠르고 활동적인 아보프렌즈의 행동대장이에요. 하지만 한 번 화가 나면 머리가 검게 변하면서 힘이 세 져서 친구들을 보호해준답니다.


Onion from Southern Italy

Onie has a warm heart ,likes to hug his friends but her hands are too hot to embrace them. So she always wears red gloves. 

 오니는 남부 이탈리아에서 온 양파에요. 오니는 친구 들을 꼬옥 안아주는 것을 좋아하는 따뜻한 마음을 가 졌지만, 손이 매워서 친구들은 오니와 포옹하는 것을 꺼려하죠. 오니가 늘 빨간 장갑을 끼고 다니는 이유랍 니다.


Apple from Paris

Appie is an apple from Paris,France. She always keeps the last leaf on her head clean and neat. The last leaf is like PRIDE to Appie. 

애피는 프랑스 파리에서 온 사과에요. 애피는 자신의 머리에 하나남은초록색잎사귀를항상깨끗하고단 정하게 다뤄요. 마지막 잎새가 애피에겐 자존심과 같 아요.

Fruity Adventure Story

Each member of Avofriends are fruits and vegetables who are on an adventure searching for origin secrets behind their sticker labels. Avo is from a small farm in California, who is bursting of curiosity and one day discovers that there are special powers emulating from the sticker behind his head. To unveil the secrets of the sticker, Avo takes a great journey. A prince from as hidden island in the Philippines named Banami, a Parisian artist known as Appie, a warm-hearted gentleman from the southern parts of Italy called One and Avo sets out together on an expedition with their own secrets. 

 아보와 같이 시크릿 스티커를 가지고있는 바나미, 애피, 오니는 아보를 따라 모험을 떠나요. 아보의 트윈스푼 스티커는 아보가 아무리 먹어도 살찌지 않게 해주는 능력만 있는 줄 알았는데, 친구들을 만나니 친구들의 능력을 모두 두 배로 만들어주는 강력한 힘을 가지고 있었죠. 그래서 아보는 혼자 있을 때보다 친구들과 함께 있을 때 더욱 더 빛이 나는 친구에요. 바나미의 레인보우 깃털은 어디로든 갈 수 있는 교통수단으로 변신하는데 평소에는 바나미가 즐겨타는 스케이트보드 모양을 하고 있어요. 오니의 빨간 양말 한 짝은 새로운 세계로 통하게 해주는 포탈이에요. 양말 안의 세계로 들어가면 무슨 일이 생길 지 모르지만 친구들에게 필요한 보물이 숨겨져있을지도 몰라요. 애피의 마법의 붓은 애피가 상상하는 것을 모두 그려줘요. 지도를 그려주기도 하고, 길을 만들어주기도 하고 애피의 상상력은 어디까지일지 궁금해지는 아이템이에요.

Twin Spoon

Power Enhancer

Rainbow Feather

Magical Vehicle

Odd Sock

Portal to Unknown World

Floating Brush

Make Imagination to Real

Participated Exhibitions


Seoul Design Festival @Seoul, Korea 

Taipei Toy Festival @Taipei, Taiwan 

Creative Expo Taiwan @Taipei, Taiwan 

Hong Kong Licensing Show @Hong Kong


Toysoul @Hong Kong 

Summersoul @Hong Kong

Art Toy Culture @Seoul, Korea


HYO(Hyosook Lee) | Artist

Artist HYO(Hyosook Lee) launched AVOFRIENDS May 2018 based on South Korea. HYO creates the adorable characters named Avo, Banami, Onie and Appie. She has been eager to create her own creatures for 7 years working as an UI/UX designer at the same time. She’s not interested in drawing animals but foods and products that we can easily find around us. She is trying to create fruits and vegetable friends more and more as the line-up of AVOFRIENDS. She’s trying to show her imaginations and feelings to people, it is a big happiness that people enjoy her works and feel happiness. Her husband Henry always inspires her about stories and concepts as a Brand Director of AVOFRIENDS. They’re fully enjoying our works for fun.


The launch of Avofriends in 2018 created a lot of buzz in the toy industry and it allows to cooperate with A Good Company which is an agency in Hong Kong to introduce in licensing the characters in parts of Asia: such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Thailand. The Avofriends received positive feedback after participating in several toy shows : such as Hong Kong’s Summer Soul 2018, Toysoul 2018 and the Chinese Licensing Fair. Avofriends is currently working on collaborating with other art toy creators and planning to participate in various toy shows throughout Asia.

In particular with the 2018 Toy Soul event which was held in the T.O.P. Shopping Mall, located at the center of attraction in Hong Kong brought together many well-known toy art designers from various countries of the world. Among them, Creator Hyo was the only participating creator from Korea. The Avofriends display received raving and positive feedback from the attendees.